January 2022

Episode #15: Take A Look, It’s In A Book…Let’s Talk About Reading

January 2022

Post #23: New Year 2022…New Me?!?

The new year seems to be the ideal time to set countless goals and make an insane number of lists. I decided to share my resolutions for 2022 and a few tips for you all.

Nikki’s New Year Resolutions

Prioritize rest

Take more risks

Get back into my health journey (not prioritizing weight loss)

Visit new places

Clean up raggedy money habits

Enhance my PM skills

Get back to therapy


Do not try to change too many things at once

Do not give in to pandemic fatigue

Do not take any people baggage into the new year

Remember to check your dates (2022 not 2021)

Make self-care a priority

November 2021

Episode #9: Be Thankful For Your Bald-Headed Turkey…A Discussion About Gratitude



November 2021

Episode #7: Is It Time For Something New…Talking About The Job Search and Interviewing Process

November 2021

Post #22: Going Through The Job Search And Interview Process

The job search and interview process can be difficult. It’s important to know exactly what you are looking for and how to secure that role. Some tips I have for the process are below.

Job Search and Interview Tips

1. Write down a list of what you are looking for in a new job and your dealbreakers

2. Revise your resume and cover letter/customize for each job

3. Use a professional email

4. Set a limit for the number of jobs you will apply to per week

5. Apply to different tiers of jobs (easy, moderate and hard)

6. Send thank you notes after each phase of the interview process

7. Decline same day interviews

8. Test out your connection before the interview

9. Study the company and job posting

10. Write down a list of possible questions/answers

11. Write down follow up questions for the interview

12. Negotiate your salary

It is important to ask questions at the end of each interview. Some questions I suggest are below.

Interview Questions

1. What is the workplace culture in the company/department?

2. Can you describe what a typical day looks like in the position?

3. What would you expect me to accomplish within the first 90 days of the position?

4. What are the most important qualities a person would need to possess in order to be successful in the position?

5. How is the performance evaluated?

6. What is the potential for growth in this role?

7. Are there any existing team building methods for the team?

October 2021

Episode 5: Check Your Breasts…A Discussion About Breast Health and Breast Cancer

November 2021

Episode #6: It’s Not Just You…Dealing With Feeling Behind

October 2021

Episode #4: Do You Smell That…A Discussion About Hygiene

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October 2021

Episode #3: Episode #3: Being broke ain’t cute… Let’s talk about money

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October 2021

Post #21: Swipe Right, Swipe Left…Tales from Online Dating

I’ve used dating apps/websites off and on for around 8-9 years to supplement my in person interactions. Of my at least 75-100 first dates, most have been from online websites/apps. From those dates, I’ve been in 3 relationships that started from online dating (including my current one).

Maybe they met on an online site…

So what are some of the good things about online dating? As an introvert, it is a good way to meet people in local and in different areas. I’ve been on some really good dates. I’ve also been able to date outside of my “type”.

There’s also the bad…I’ve had some horrible dates. I’ve had some guys not take rejection well. I’ve invested time in people who were not interested in the same thing. That can SUCK!!!

Here are some tips:

• Use 3 to 5 up-to-date photos including full body

• Keep your bio effective and concise

• Do not overshare personal information

• Make sure (as much as possible) that you and the person you are communicating with have similar intentions for being on the site

• Communicate with the person for at least a few days to a week on the site before taking your communication off-line

• When initially exchanging contact information, do not give out your personal cell phone number. Give the person a Google voice number, a WhatsApp contact or something similar.

• Do not send anyone money

• Google that man or a woman before meeting

• Do not let them pick you up from your house. Try to arrange for a Uber or a Lyft if you do not have your own transportation.

• Meet in a public setting when you feel comfortable. Do not let the person pressure you into meeting any sooner than that.

• Pay attention to behaviors during the date

• Don’t be discouraged if this person doesn’t work out or if you only go on one date.

• Keep your options open until you find someone who you really like and have formed some type of relationship with them or until you feel comfortable with ceasing communication with others

• Stay optimistic, there’s at least one lid for every pot

Suggested free websites

• Facebook

• Okcupid

• Tinder

• Bumble

Have you tried online dating?