July 2020

Post #2: Entanglements and other adventures

Here in the year of our Lord 2020, I finally have found the language to describe my series of “failed” relationships and situationships. The term is “entanglements” (courtesy of Jada Pinkett Smith). While Jada and I have almost nothing in common (other than being black women), I identify with the idea of being wrapped in a mess (more than once) with an emotionally immature man. I did this while being emotionally immature myself (YIKES). I cannot divulge all of my juicy secrets in my second post. However, I will admit to the following things:

1. In my early 20s, I went on a date just for the nachos (#teamfluffy)

2. I have an insanely long block list (smh)

3. I never give out my “real number” before a first date

4. My first “real” boyfriend was the ex of a former friend (it was high school y’all)

5. I burned myself while trying to fry pork chops for the guy I was dating (no, he wasn’t worth it)

Tell me about your dating experiences!!!

2 replies on “Post #2: Entanglements and other adventures”

🤣🤣 we are first cousins for real! All except #4 I’ve done too! And for #5 replace pork chops with chicken wings; trip to ER and all. Still have scar to prove it! 🤣🤣🤣 #GreatPost

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Lol!! Love your post. #1 I too have went out just to eat. Omg!! The things we do. Thank you for sharing. Great read


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