July 2020

Post #5: Macroaggressions and cheese…

The working world is an interesting place for black women. I secured my first “real” job at 22. It was a research position. My PI was a polite and hardworking man with a thick English accent. That being said, there were other circumstances that made the job somewhat challenging. At the time, I didn’t have a car. The commute required me to take three buses to work. Often times, I would work longer than my scheduled hours. There was an incident in which someone posted an incredibly insensitive poster on the door of the graduate student office (I’m about 99% sure of who it was). The poster included an image of shackled AA slaves to emphasize “how PIs see graduate students”. Being the only AA in the lab, I complained and the poster was removed.

I can recount other instances throughout the years that have made my short working career pretty interesting. All I will say is that it adds another level of stress to already stressful jobs. I would be lying if I said that I am not envious of my coworkers who do not have the same struggles (be it due to race or gender/sex).

What are some macroaggressions you’ve had to deal with at work?

4 replies on “Post #5: Macroaggressions and cheese…”

I feel you sis. Your time to have everything you desire is coming… just keep working hard, speaking up and being you!

I started working early in life because I had to help my mom pay bills because she was a struggling single mom. By the time I got to your age, I was working deep in corporate jobs. I was always the youngest person there by at least 10 years. Although I did my job well, majority of them always came at me with these “you’re a baby” jokes or who did I know in order to get the job… always something along those lines. Why couldn’t I just be a hard working and deserving black woman that worked hard to get there. It was annoying. I never spoke up much about it. I wish I had.


Smh this is such an shame and real thing that happens everyday in the work place. I had an incident one time at work where they had watermelon in our cafeteria that day and my white boss comes to my office to tell me and I said to him “I don’t like watermelon” and he made a face and said “I thought all of you liked watermelon!”. I was so disgusted! But I can talk about this for hours! Let’s just keep pushing and hopefully one day we won’t have to work for anybody!


Wow that is really sad that you had to deal with that. I have not seen anything as blunt as that, but I have seen black women speak and give ideas in meetings, and it was forgotten and not addressed, but 5 minutes later, a white male said the same thing and it was praised.


It’s so mind-boggling that we are still dealing with stuff like this in 2020. You would think after a while we would be numb to it. But I get that same pit in my stomach feeling when situations like this happen. Great post! oh yeah, I love the title.


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