July 2020

Post #6: The COVID-19 Diaries Part 1

I have been social distancing for almost five months. As a single person, it has been difficult. I stopped talking to the guy I was dating at the start of COVID-19 (for various reasons). Nothing particularly bad happened but we were just not on the same page.

I have gone on a few social distancing dates but nothing has come from them. Getting to know new people is super exhausting. I just haven’t been in the place to navigate all of the early BS of getting to know someone. It gets lonely sometimes but I am taking each day one day at a time. I am thankful for friends and family.

I am blessed to be able to work from home. All of my bills have been paid on time. I even have some left over for frivolous purchases. I have plenty of food and things to keep myself entertained.

I wish that the world was open but I understand why it’s not. I wanted to travel this year but that’s not happening. So many festivals and concerts have been cancelled and rescheduled for next year. I’ll just continue to wear my mask and wash my hands. BECAUSE DUH…

How have you been dealing with loneliness and social distancing during COVID-19?

4 replies on “Post #6: The COVID-19 Diaries Part 1”

I have almost the exact sentiments regarding the situation. I haven’t been lonely per se, I just feel like I’m lacking any sort of strong motivation. Of course, there is dedication, which is even better, but sometimes you just want a burst of energy and motivation to get through my days. Also, it’s nice that you have been able to work from home.


I have not been lonely, and that is funny because I am very extroverted. i thought this pandemic was going to be the ultimate loneliness for me, but it is quite the opposite. I have caught up on many things that I was suppose to do at hime, organized, and my businesses are blooming.


I actually feel good about this phase in life. It has allowed for me to slow down and truly focus on what I want to do with life. I feel like the earth needed a break too. We all did. Taking some good time to stop and reflect. I miss the opportunity to do certain things but the plan is to get myself financially strong


This is exactly my life lol . I’ve been on a few dates and it’s just weird vibes . I’m perfectly fine by myself but still a hopeless romantic. I enjoy working from home doing what I love also .


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