Post #21: Swipe Right, Swipe Left…Tales from Online Dating

I’ve used dating apps/websites off and on for around 8-9 years to supplement my in person interactions. Of my at least 75-100 first dates, most have been from online websites/apps. From those dates, I’ve been in 3 relationships that started from online dating (including my current one). So what are some of the good things […]

Post #20: Decade Number 3…Welcome to 30

I. TURNED. 30 As a refresher, let me start with just a little about myself. I am an AA woman. I work in research and tech. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INTJ. I am in a relationship. I am a Virgo. My interests include music, art, science, travel, public health and women’s issues. So, what […]

Bonus: Acrylic on Canvas

Take my hand and guide me down to your studio It’s where you keep you keep your most prized possessions Place a fresh white canvas on a worn ebony easel Pose me perfectly beside you…positioned to fit your desire Sketch my form, outline all my curves and edges Open your special art box, the one […]

Post #19: My first monster was my father…

My truth. My first monster was my father. Just to state, I was never sexually abused by my father. I am a survivor of severe emotional and mental abuse. The occasions of physical abuse are few but are still present in my memory. For as long as I can remember, I have had a shitty […]

Bonus: Job reflections

13 years ago, I worked mainly in the dining room at Bojangles. I HATED that job. I was a junior in high school. I had no real bills but wanted a little extra spending money. I will never forget the lessons I learned at that job. It was my first experience with learning how to […]


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